We’re always happy to have the dulcet tones of Gedalya in our ears at the Send Me Your Ears studio and having only very recently reviewed his stunning track, Thunder, we were overjoyed to hear that he’s gone and released another single straight away! Save Me from My Own Disgrace was released on October 31 2022 and we’ve been taking a listen today.

Save Me from My Own Disgrace is a warm and gentle, piano-led track. It is a song about the realisation that mistakes are bound to happen, which in turn, takes the pressure off you when they do.

One thing we absolutely loved about the promo for this track is that Gedalya notes that he played the track to a friend and they mentioned that they didn’t like the word “disgrace” in it. He’s left it in nonetheless and we love that. In the words of the great Woody Guthrie; “It’s a folk singer’s job to comfort disturbed people and to disturb comfortable people.”

The piano playing throughout this track reminded us of Elton John. Gedalya’s bright and present vocals that we’ve come to love are up-front in the mix and easy to hear and connect with. There’s a gorgeously bright reverb on them as well which works well. Gedalya’s voice is both bright and warm here and thoroughly engaging. At times, we were reminded of some of Bruce Springsteen’s gentler moments.

The simple piano and vocal continue until at about a minute in it builds into a deep kick drum, bass and brushed snare. There are some absolutel gorgeous brushed snare fills in this track, and the four-on-the-floor kick drum keeps everything moving along nicely.

A synth-like trumpet solo leads the way for a while, but this is a song which is the hallmark of a great song – it could easily be stripped back to just piano and vocal with everything else adding to it, but still being totally performable as a simple piano/vocal track. It has a kind of Ben Filds Five minimalism to it.

The production on this track is superb, and every time we hear Gedalya, he has excelled himself just a little bit further. Fast becoming a Send Me Your Ears favourite, this latest track from Gedalya is a stunning display of the versatility and creativity of a man who loves to teach and learn life lessons through his music. Fantastic stuff!