US band, Geez Louise, release their latest single, Bury the Lead, today (July 1 2022) from their forthcoming debut EP, Candy Bruise.

The band are; Lead Vox; Sierra Torres, Lead Guitar; Nick Jude, Drums; Tyelen Gibbs, Bass; Eli Slaughter.

The song, Bury the Lead, is based on the expression “bury the lead”, meaning to save the important details until the end. Bury The Lead shows that the same rules apply when we present a version of ourselves. It’s about what we first allow people to see at the beginning of a relationship before saving the messier parts of our psyche for later. An important subject, and one which is rarely explored in lyrics. “What an actress I can be”

The song has some cool stereo percussion in the introduction and a simple drum rhythm that carries throughout the track. A repeated riff on electric guitar carries throughout most of the song

Some subtle harmonies come and go throughout the song and fill out the sound effectively.
As the song progresses, it develops with different instruments being added, without straying from the simple pattern of the drums and guitar.

We like the use of heavy overdriven guitar at one point to fill out the song. It feels like it takes the song into a whole new genre crossover and is suitably unexpected. The synth sounds and swells make the track feel very much dream pop/ shoe gaze/ bedroom pop.

As the song builds, it then drops back to almost nothing before rising to a stinger ending, ending at 3 minutes 19. A good, radio friendly length.

In terms of the production to our ears, a small dip around 750-800Hz would balance out some of the honky frequencies, particularly in the vocal track (probably picked up from either the way it was recorded, or from the reverbs added to it). A wide boost centred 7kHz would give the whole track a little more brightness and presence. A small additional shelf boost in the top octave would add some extra air too. The bass instrument which comes in around 50 seconds is particularly dominant in the sub bass area. A dip in that track centred around 50Hz would balance things out a bit in the very low end.

Bury The Lead is just one of six songs from the band’s forthcoming EP, all of which have important and personal messages behind them. We’re excited to hear the progress of Geez Louise and wish them well with this single and their future EP release.