GENESIS RITCHOT – She Could’ve Been Mine

Canadian artist, GENESIS RITCHOT has just released a beautiful new indie folk song, She Could’ve Been Mine.

Lyrically, this is an extremely personal song and very touching. Well written lyrics with a chorus that really pulls you in and makes you feel for the vocalist.

Genesis Ritchot has a very interesting and unique voice. We heard some fantastic dynamics and power in his voice later in the song, but the vibrato in the early intimate sections is masterful.

As if the lead vocal isn’t impressive enough, its when the backing vocals come in that the song really comes to life. With guest vocals from Abby Gundersen (also on strings and piano), the backing vocals really add some life and emotion to the song. They sit nicely in the mix and can be heard without dominating. Abby’s voice serves to make Genesis’ voice even smoother.

There’s some lovely, unexpected chord changes in patches in this song, and I like that in a folk song. It keeps you on your toes and is a little out of the ordinary. A very gentle organ (hammond?) adds a single note to fill out the soundscape until the drums come in in the second verse. The drums are subtle and feel as though they’ve been recorded using a couple of room mics with little definition on the snare, which is perfect for this track. Anything more would have been dominating.

Later into the song, some long notes on violin come in and help to fill out the sound even more, as well as a few chosen and gentle riffs to give the song a slightly celtic feel. A beautiful, well placed middle 8 helps to maintain interest.

From a composition perspective, the vocals build fantastically at 2m40s but I felt an opportunity was lost here to add perhaps more strings or a riff on the violin to increase the tension a little more.

Production advice, and just my opinion, would be to give a little boost around 4kHz to give some extra presence to the lead vocals. A tiny cut around 200 in vocal track will remove a little of the issues caused by proximity effect, and an overall low end boost (especially around 60Hz) will make the kick drum come through more strongly.

This is our track of the day here at Send Me Your Ears. A heartfelt, well written indie-folk song that’s well produced and maintains interest throughout. I can see this song doing well on Canadian College Radio.

We give this song 4 ears out of 5

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