Australian 18 year old artist, Georgia Hoareau, has just released (today – June 30 2022) her latest single, Girl, and we’ve been taking several listens her at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

A super cool intro with some great effects leads into a really interesting rhythm in the verses. Georgia’s voice is definitely the focal point here and the Amy Winehouse influence in her vocal stylings is very apparent. Not sounding like a copycat in any way, but very clearly inspired by Amy’s voice. There’s some interesting “Cockney” sounding tendencies in Georgia’s voice that are really quite charming.

Some great long reverbs on the vocals fill the sound out nicely, and some stereo effects on the vocals as well make for a full sounding track. There’s also some gorgeous harmonies in places that bolster the lead vocal superbly.

The 16 beat tambourine in the chorus works well, giving the track an almost late 80s feel, whilst everything else about the track sits comfortably as a modern melodic pop song.

Girl is well written and gives very clear sections with an interesting bridge and a catchy chorus. We really were drawn very much to that cool rhythm pattern in the verses.

Georgia’s voice would not be out of place in a playlist of Amy Winehouse and her contemporaries. Clear and characterful, with some lovely techniques, Georgia’s voice is mature beyond her years.

Girl has very clear production with a great balance of frequencies throughout. The vocals are always up front and centred without dominating the track. A thin boost around 125Hz would give the kick drum sample a little more ‘beef’ if you wanted it but it still sounds great as it is.

Girl is a vulnerable account of a break up, it’s a surprisingly upbeat and positive feeling track that has a hint of bedroom pop stylings to it, with superior production. A great radio friendly length track that we’re certain will win this talented young Gold Coast artist many more fans.