Australian artist, Georgia Hoareau, is back in our ears again today at the Send Me Your Ears studio with her latest single, Oh Well. We previously reviewed Georgia’s single, Girl, a simple and gentle vocal heavy singer-songwriter track.

Georgia, at just 18, is clearly showing huge versatility in her songwriting. Oh Well is a punchy rocky, almost skater rock, style track that grabs your attention from the very first second and won us over immediately.

There’s some truly classy vocals in this track again, demonstrating Georgia’s “beyond-her-years” approach and attitude. With some gentle pads under the lead vocals at the start, the lyric “Listening to all the strangers advice; I need to get offline” really hit home. The song is about a time, post-break-up where she’s coming to terms with the end of a relationship and developing a new-found confidence.

Oh Well develops a nice change of paec at around 1 minute in that builds and builds into just vocals that then explode into a super-catchy chorus. The layered vocals here and the general feel of the track set us in mind of Avril Lavigne. We also particularly like the use of subtle driven backing vocals just before the second chorus.

As a break up song, it would be hard not to compare to Taylor Swift, there’s a few touches of her vocal stylings here, but also a definite nod to the awesome vocals of Pink. Georgia’s versatility continues to astound us.

Oh Well ends in a really clever way. The lyric “I’m on my own now, I know that, nothing is the same I can’t go back and that’s alright i kind of feel alright” is followed by an unexpected stinger ending that forced us to go back and listen again. It felt on the first listen as though it was about to launch into another chorus, but on reflection the fact that she feels alright and is done with singing about her break up is a clever twist.

From a production perspective, a slight boost centred around 4kHz would give a little more edge to the driven guitars. Other than that we don’t really have much else to say about the production on this track. We enjoyed it from the start to that cool and very poignant ending.

Georgia Hoareau’s latest single, Oh Well, is a masterclass in how to write, perform and produce a break up song that most definitely isn’t a cliche. Wonderful stuff!