GILLIAN RAE PERRY has a new single out called “A Reminder”. This song is a gentle, chillout soundscape with a focus on a lyrical message of being kind to yourself.

Written from a first hand perspective, its clear that Gillian wants to help the listener to heal from trauma and depression and to remind them that “People like you. People love you” – a repeated motif throughout the track.
Low swelling synths and strings bolster Gillian’s fragile, vulnerable and intimate vocal performance.

Overall the track is placed far more in the right speaker than the left, so that when the backing vocals come in just in the left hand side you are reminded to listen. You can’t just drift off and let this song wash over you. Gillian’s message just keeps prodding at you that you’re OK.

Some subtle piano comes in later in the track and, i think, clarinet. Nicely placed instrumentation that swell the overall sound and help to make this a real euphoric soundscape.
Standing at almost five minutes, and with little development, this isn’t likely to be a radio friendly track, but I’m not sure its meant to be. This is something to put on when you’re having a bad day, or you’re on your way to a job you hate, just to remind you that you’re doing fine.

Honestly, the message is so strong lyrically that I am a little saddened with the production quality. For my own enjoyment I would love the opportunity to remaster this. I took this track into my studio and by the time I’d finished making my own adjustments to the song, I was a lot happier with it and felt that the message of it rang out more convincingly.

If Gillian needs to hear that “People like her” then we most certainly do.

Overall a gentle track with a powerful message that may well find a home in a sync deal for a TV show. We wish Gillian the very best of luck

We give this song three ears out of five