Chicago based artist, Giovany Revelle, has just released his debut single, 45, from his forthcoming 11 track album. We here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have had the pleasure of listening to this phenomenal debut.

45 is a song inspired by near death experiences. The lyrics use the metaphorical staring down the barrel of a 45 to represent how quick life can change.

45 crosses a few genres that blend together seamlessly. We caught touches of Western, Swing, Country, Spanish, Gypsy Jazz and Blues. This track is an exceptionally promising debut.

We love the syncopated snare sound that works well with brushes. The panned electric guitar incidentals fit well, as do the keys incidental fills too. This is a track that Revelle has clearly put a great deal of thought into.

Special mention must go to the very ambitious music video to accompany this track. A highly professional looking track that must have been a great deal of fun to create. We could imagine ourselves sitting in a saloon bar listening to a band playing this track. It feels very up close and personal with a quite stripped back feeling and no over-use of effects.

We were impressed with the Santana style guitar solo (performed by Chicago blues musician, Giles Corey). This has a wonderful tone to it with some excellent note choices that bring another dimension to the track.

We especially loved the repeated melody at the end where the lyrics change but the melody remains the same, gathering tension and sitting on the dominant chord until – bang – the sudden end with the lyric “then you’re gone”.

We feel that this track would be absolutely superb for use in a TV show or movie and would strongly urge Revelle to seek out possible sync opportunities.

From a production perspective, we felt that the bass is a little heavy around 140Hz so a cut here would balance the low end out a bit. Also, the vocal track sounds a little dominant in the range of 500-600Hz and there is also the occasional sibilant peak around 9-10kHz. The whole track could use a little extra brightness which can be achieved with a wide boost across the high mids and highs centred around 6-7kHz. Finally, a bit of light compression and some make up gain will make the track feel a little warmer as well as bring the overall volume up a bit.

An absolutely astounding debut single from an artist that we have most definitely placed on our “one to watch” list. Giovany Revelle has created an exciting track with clever metaphors in the lyrics and superb musicianship. Add this to your playlist today!