Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Chicago’s, Giovany Revelle. ‘Time’ was released on February 15th 2023 and is another example of the spectacular versatility of this talented musician.

We’ve previously reviewed Revelle’s singles, 45 and Chicago Kids. These were both very different styles and once again, Revelle has hit it out of the park by nailing yet another genre! This high-energy, positive Big Band/ Soul/Funk track is explosive and exciting from start to finish.

Inspired by his time at a grassroots organization in his neighbourhood, Revelle’s new single,
Time, questions the status quo. The accompanying music video gives insight into the bright and rich culture of Revelle’s childhood neighbourhood of Little Village, Chicago. We’re always impressed at the effort Revelle puts into his music videos. It’s never just about the music with Revelle – the whole production is well-considered and enjoyable.

A quick drum fill and a guitar riff lead straight into a full band sound. There’s a definite Stevie Wonder influence to the track here, and we can’t help but smile at the super-tight four-piece horn section.

‘Time’ is feel-good music at its very best. Fans of Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel and KC and the Sunshine Band will be up and dancing around the room before the first couple of bars are over. Reminiscent in places of ‘Tell Her About It’ or “Walking on Sunshine’, this is a song which just oozes confidence and positivity.

The layered vocals in the choruses have a Big Band/Soul feel to them – think Pointer Sisters and the electric guitar solo is the quality we’ve come to expect from Revelle – working again with Giles Corey on this track.

We love the breakdown after the guitar solo, with some superb vocals and Hammond, displaying, once again, that Giovany Revelle is an artist to pay serious attention to.

The ending of the track feels slightly unexpected and left us wanting more. Nothing else to do but hit replay and revel in the quality of this soulful masterpiece again.

Ideas from our ears

A boost around 55Hz would add extra thump to the kick drum and a small cut around 130Hz would balance out the low end nicely. A wider boost around 450-500Hz would give the track a little more fullness in that area. The snare track could use a dip around 5kHz to reduce a slightly harsh tone. A high shelf boost at around 9kHz would increase the brightness and clarity in the top end. A single-band compressor with some make-up gain in this area would also help with the presence and brightness. Finally, a light compressor/limiter and around 4dB of make-up gain would add a final touch of extra warmth as well as raising the overall volume.

Final Thoughts

We’ve been consistently impressed with Giovany Revelle’s releases; each displaying a level of diversity and musicianship that most musicians can only dream of. We have no doubt big things beckon for this talented Chicago artist.