New York City singer-songwriter, Giselle Lily, has just released her first single of 2022, Let Me Dream, and we’ve been taking a listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

Let Me Dream has a real relaxing vibe to it. It’s Giselle’s first release in over a year, having taken the past year to work on developing herself as an artist. With the help of producer and multi-instrumentalist, Evan Beirne, this latest release is Giselle’s way of letting people know that nothing is going to stop her. In other words; “Let Me Dream”. Great attitude and superb songwriting and performance.

Giselle has a “beyond her years” confident and soulful voice with some superb techniques in her toolbox. Making the melody sound almost effortless, Giselle manages to conjure up a real positive call to action and a very clear intention that nothing is going to get in the way for her.

Let Me Dream develops well as instruments are added and with changes in instrumentation and percussions, the song easily maintained our interest.

Some beautiful harmonies add a touch of class to the track. They’re used sparsely, but perfectly, and allow Giselle’s rich and soulful lead vocals to take from and centre stage.

We loved the breakdown, which felt like a really mellow wall of sound and then the move into the key change was positively inspired. This created an extra tension and gave the impression, if you weren’t already certain, that Giselle Lily is an artist on a mission to follow her dreams.

From a production perspective, we loved the creativity in this track. A boost around 150-200Hz would add to the warmth of the track and a boost across the top 2 octaves would add to the beautifully bright and present feel that the track already has. A dip out around 9-10kHz would be a good idea as well to avoid boosting the sibilance in the voice too much. This is a well crafted and original song.

Giselle Lily’s, Let Me Dream, is an excellent example of lounge/ chillout music with a forcefully positive message that you can’t help but get behind. We’re looking forward to hear what she produces next! Great stuff.