Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we’ve been taking a listen to Hey Julia, from the UK band, Glossy Boy. Released on November 25, 2022, Hey Julia is a bouncy and fun Britpop track that will stay in your head for days.

Hey Julia is Glossy Boy’s debut single and is an exciting and promising start for this Gloucester (Glossy) trio.

Starting on some drum patterns, the song quickly adds in some bouncy and fun guitars and the whole song instantly feels like a positive burst of energy.

The lead vocals are strong and sit well in the mix. We love the addition of harmonies and background layered vocals – this was very reminiscent of the Housemartins in our opinion.

We love the bass work in this track. It is extremely interesting and engaging to listen to. This is a trio of extremely tight and talented musicians.

The use of stops in this track is particularly appealing. The stops before the choruses and various stops throughout the track, make this an exciting song to listen to that maintained our interest well. We particularly liked the use of stops in the breakdown chorus after the middle 8.

The chorus is a catchy earworm that will stay with you. There’s some really fun rhyming within it. For example “Oh Hey Julia, You got me feeling so peculiar” and “Always be true to ya”. This isn’t your standard “” rhyming – this is carefully considered fun and intelligent lyrics.

We always love a band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, and the ending chord that doesn’t remotely fit with the rest of the song made us laugh out loud! Way to show your fun side!

From a production perspective, we would suggest a small EQ cut at around 150-200Hz would balance out the low end a little and help make that mesmerising bass line a little clearer. A boost around 4kHz would increase the presence and definition in the vocal track too. A single band compressor on the top two octaves would help increase the brightness in the track without boosting the sibilance in the vocal track too much. Finally, a light compressor / limiter and maybe 5dB of make up gain would increase the warmth in the track as well as bring the overall volume up to match that of similar releases.

We’re excited about Glossy Boy! Their debut single, Hey Julia, displays a wealth of talent in their songwriting as well as some very tight and accomplished musicianship. Ones to watch, for sure.