Chicago (US) band, Golden Richards have just released their latest single, Will I Be Cool, and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been taking a few listens today.

Will I Be Cool is about the first time someone says they like you and you are not sure what to do but you try to “Be Cool.”

Golden Richards are Gil Golden – Guitar Billy Richards – Lead vocals, guitar Marianne Magic – Keyboards, Vocals Henry Western – Drums Sonny Dee – Bass. Together they formed a band based on their mutual love of the same styles of music; classic rock to college rock of the 90s.

Will I Be Cool has a kind of Killers feel to it when it first starts. As you progress through the song, it’s very evident that Golden Richards are very much influenced by 90s college rock.

There are some lovely sound 9th chords in the intro to Will I Be Cool and the song takes on a definite college rock feel as the bass and drums come in.

Dropping back to just acoustic guitar and drums when the vocals come in makes the return of the bass and drums more impactful.

We love the layered vocals and the simple vocal melodies in the verses. The choruses are catchy and you could feel yourself singing along wondering if you too, could be cool.

Will I Be Cool has a positive vibe to it, with some Terrorvision-feeling moments. That angsty “will she/won’t she” feeling is very well portrayed by the self-doubting lyrics, together with the hope of a possible future romance.

The crunchy guitars give a great early 90s rock feel and the swirling sound effects into the guitar solo that builds back into a chorus are great touches and help maintain the listener’s interest throughout.

At 4 and a half minutes, this may be a little too long for commercial airplay (they can be so picky!) but this is definitely a song that we would recommend pitching to college radio across the US as well as some select, genre-specific internet stations.

To our ears, a couple of mix adjustments could really make a difference. The bass is a little heavy and dominant around 100Hz so a small cut here would balance it out. The top snare could use a careful surgical cut at around 184Hz too. The guitars maybe sound a little harsh around 2.5kHz and the overall backing track would benefit from a wide boost across the high mids and highs. Then drum overheads sound a bit harsh around 4.5-5kHz too. The vocal track sounds thin and sibilant so a cut in the highs and a boost in the low mids could really help it to fit better in the track.

Will I Be Cool is the tale of every teenager’s hopes and dreams for finding The One. A fun and thoroughly enjoyable 90s college rock style track. We’re looking forward to hearing more!