Goodbye Cassini – The Tide

Goodbye Cassini, of Worcester, UK, have just released their latest single, The Tide and we’ve been taking a listen here at the Send Me Your Ears Studio today.

Lyrically, The Tide serves as an aspirational anthem, persuading the listener to consider taking a leap into the unknown and following their dream. The Tide explores breaking out of a bad situation and finding our freedom.

The Tide is an interesting cross over of genres. It clearly merges together several influences from alt rock to melodic metal and even a little dash of emo in there for good measure.

The Tide starts with a really heavy rock feel with just heavy electric guitars followed by silences. It feels as though you’re about to head into a Sepultura song from their back catalogue that you somehow missed.
The heavy electric guitars, together with the silences between them gives a sense of foreboding. We were pretty sure that we were headed into something perhaps slightly screamo metal style.

But no! When the vocals come in, they feel a little more Wheatus style, almost like a boy band might sound if they were performing something decent! This wasn’t what we were expecting and it was a really unique change of pace that reminded us that you can’t judge a song by the first few bars.

Later in the song, we were reminded of that anthemic feel that you often hear with It Bites. The occasional vocal harmonies are done well and serve to fill out the sound nicely. They’re really well placed and fit beautifully.

Some excellent differentiation between sections helps to maintain interest for the listener. There’s much rise and fall in the track and plenty to occupy your ears. At almost 4 minutes long this perhaps isn’t a candidate for commercial radio, but we’re certain that BBC Hereford and Worcester and BBC Introducing at the very least will take great interest in this track.

The guitars have beautifully scooped EQ which is perfect for this style of metal/rock.
The Tide is very kick drum driven. Superb separation between kick and bass guitar make for a tidy mix that sits well. The snare is perhaps a little middley and distant but it isn’t as much of a feature as the kick, so this isn’t really an issue.

There’s some really superb bass work in The Tide with the bass occasionally taking the lead over strummed electric guitar.
The production on this track is spot on. With clear separation between instruments the song just keeps building and building and leaving you feeling positively euphoric by the end of it. With a stinger ending you are left wanting more. This is a song for fans of real music. It is interesting, unique with some great musicianship and very clear vocals.

We loved Goodbye Cassini’s latest single, The Tide. It has all the elements needed for a positive sounding and inspirational rock song that will leave you feeling fantastic for the rest of the day. Put it on loud and enjoy!