Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the debut single from LA-based duo, Grace & Moji. Our Love is released today, June 22, 2023.

The backstory behind this duo is as interesting as their music. The duo met three months before the start of the pandemic, fell in love and decided to get married on the first day of lockdown. This meant that they secured one of the last marriage certificates in the city of Los Angeles. Lockdown brought the two even closer and deepened their connection, giving them the time to embark on plenty of exploration of their individual identities and grow together as a new couple in the strangest of times.

Our Love starts with an old-timey-style piano that builds with a choir of voices and bass and strings before dropping back to an acoustic guitar and simple strumming. The two voices join the mix an octave apart from each other.

That all-important second verse maintains your interest by adding in some dreamy incidental guitar before building into a huge chorus with extra vocals again and some lovely deep and long bass notes.

We love the different sections in this track – always keeping you on your toes and urging you to keep listening to hear what happens next. There are sections with huge reverbs and delays on the vocals, and the rise and fall within the track create a truly dynamic soundscape.

An electronic drum track joins the mix at about 2 minutes in, and we can imagine this song to be used for study vibes, or a great chillout track. Despite the brief moment of explicit language and the couple of times the band name is shouted out (great trick by the way to remember who the artist is!), we feel this track has huge potential for a sync deal, and can imagine it being placed in the background of a movie or TV show.

Ideas from our ears

The multiple sections in this track work together really well. There are a couple of places where there is a slight vocal peak at around 400-450Hz and also 750-800Hz which could be controlled with some EQing. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Grace & Moji’s debut single, Our Love, is a relaxing, chillout track and a promising start for this LA-based husband and wife duo.