Irish Singer-Songwriter, Graham Coe, has just released his latest single, Since You Came Along, and we’ve been taking many listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today. For fans of The
Searchers, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and similar, this track is for you. If this is your style of listening, drop everything and add this track to your playlist, you won’t be disappointed!

Lyrically, Since You Came Along, is a simple love song. Its about the joy of finding “The One” to share your life with, and the confidence that comes with having the right person by your side.

Since You Came Along connects with the audience instantly. With Coe’s warm and smooth vocals beckoning you in to his world, this song feels as if it’s been out there for ever, and you feel privileged to have just stumbled across it.

Starting with a familiar feeling chord sequence connects the audience, but then Coe manages to mix things up a little, with some interesting and unexpected chord progressions that somehow sound familiar too. Unexpected chords that work well without being even remotely jarring. All of a sudden, the song isn’t doing what you expected, and it’s even more pleasing because of that.

We loved the incidental, slightly Spanish feeling, guitar lines, weaving their way effortlessly between the vocals, and the song progresses with some lovely incidental harmonica as well.

The breakdown section without drums, but with vocals and some harmonica builds superbly back into the chorus. This is such a positive song that takes you on a journey with Coe, and one which you want to take many times over.

The chorus of Since You Came Along is incredibly catchy and the whole song feels as though it could have been the Travelling Wilburys track that you somehow missed out on. The middle 8 has a definite George Harrison feel to it.

There’s not much we can say to suggest any improvements to the production and overall sound of this track. This is a well produced and well balanced song. To our ears a small cut at 98Hz (G) on the bass would balance it out a little. A wider boost across the high mids and highs centred round 8kHz with maybe another high shelf boost in the top octave would add to the brightness and bring out the crispness of some of the percussion instruments.

If you wish the Travelling Wilburys had produced just one more song, then Graham Coe’s, Since You Came Along, is the track you’ve been waiting for. A solid, positive and utterly charming track that feels like it has already stood the test of time.