groan room – tesco roof

Salford (UK) based act, Groan Room, have a new single out today (25 March 2022) and its called Tesco Roof.

Tesco Roof has three very distinct sections to it. Starting with a very gentle section of chilled out strummed electric guitar, the vocals sit comfortably over the top. There’s an interesting swirling wind, almost phaser-like sound that’s happening in the background together with a very muted snare drum that almost sounds as if the drummer was intentionally left in a different room while the musicians got on with the business of making the song!

Section two allows the drummer to be a part of the band, and the snare ceases to be muted. At this point, the kit is full and some gentle female backing vocals are added. This is really chilled out and peaceful feeling. Let this section just wash over you and enjoy the calmness. It feels at this point as if it would be a song that you’d put on to chill out to after a night out (perhaps sitting drinking with your mates on the roof of your nearest Tescos).

At about 3 1/2 minutes when most songs would be wrapping up, Tesco Roof takes on a whole different feel. An instrumental section with what sounds like spoken word radio, together with lots of static becomes the order of the day. There’s a repeated simple clean guitar riff together with lots of sound effects and fuzz happening. To us, it feels as though the added effects are a little overstated and they detracted a little from the chilled out feel that Tesco Roof had lulled us into.

Tesco Roof is 5 1/2 minutes long, so unlikely to be a candidate for commercial airplay but we’re certain that Groan Room can garner some support from their local and BBC introducing radio stations.
For us, we feel that the most likely avenue to success for Tesco Roof would be to seek out a sync deal. This feels like the kind of music that would sit perfectly in a montage of things happening. We could imagine it perhaps in a movie like Trainspotting where the fuzz and static during the instrumental section just keeps building and just lets the listener know that something sinister is afoot.

Groan Room’s, Tesco Roof, is most definitely the most unique song we’ve had in our ears today. This is, for the most part, a very chilled out, shoegaze track that slowly builds and then hits you with a wall of sound that just keeps rising and repeating. We do wonder if the section at the end is the drummer making up for not being allowed much space in the first section and we did giggle to ourselves that he clearly wasn’t ready to stop playing. A nice witty touch that we enjoyed, and some good old British humour. Thanks for the fun, guys.

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