Gully – See The Sun

If you’re looking for a really original sounding super-funky song, look no further than Gully’s latest single; See The Sun.

This song is soooo catchy! I love it. Reading the biography, it sounds like Gully is just one guy, and if that’s the case – major kudos to the multi-instrumental abilities here!

I’m always drawn into a good live horn section and the trumpet/trombone/tenor sax combo here is spot on. Really classy and tight. There really is nothing better than live horns. None of that cheesy midi “horn section” here.

With clear influences of old style soul and rock, See The Sun still manages to capture a uniqueness all of their own. Whilst comparable to some of the greats in style, this has a really authentic and original feel. There’s little point likening the track to any other artists. This is characterful, original music.

The drumming on this track is superb, I like the huge fill into the stop which helps to build a feeling of euphoria and carries the listener along in a positive frame of mind.

The muted trumpet riffs in places are expertly played with well chosen notes and temporarily lift you into a smoky jazz club with Satchmo sat in the corner nodding in approval.

The vocals are laid back and supremely chilled out. I like how they’ve been high-passed so that, for example, at around 2m40s there’s such a huge dynamic shift from almost a capella vocals into a huge full band sound with lower range instrumentation crashing back in with power. This really adds some extra impact to the track.

A novel take on the impact of the lockdown on artists. What songwriter hasn’t written about the pandemic, but here, you get a real positive “don’t give up” mantra. I love it.

A well produced, radio friendly song with a stinger ending that would make this track very sync-friendly too. I have every confidence that with the right promotional campaign, See The Sun will be hitting the air waves in no time.

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