Brooklyn (US) band, Gyats0, have just released their latest single, Easy Landing, and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been taking a listen today.

Gyats0 is the main project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Kiely-Song, together with help on this occasion from Tom Higgins on drums, Will Devitt on bass, Dan Charvat on keys, and Olivia Phillips on backing vocals.

Easy Landing is a gentle, “bedroom pop” style singer-songwriter track that takes you back to an age gone by. With simple acoustic guitar strums and some dreamy piano, this is a track that feels lifted straight from the 1930s with a few more modern influences. Perhaps a O Brother Where Art Thou influence or the Carter Family.

We like the use of filtered and distant drums, this works well to provide a little extra in the track, whilst also staying far enough back in the mix so as not to dominate.

The thing that we were drawn to the most on Easy Landing is the harmonies. Especially the A Capella moments. These were an absolute joy to behold and something where we feel this artist has the most strength.

The simplicity of this track is endearing. The slightly honky-tonk feel to the piano, the fret noise on the guitar, the A Capella moments, all meld together into a track which somehow feels both dated and fresh. This is a song that we could imagine everyone gathering round a single mic and each leaning forward when it’s their turn to shine – a la O Brother Where Art Thou.

From a production perspective, we believe that a little bit of EQ balancing would really make a difference to this track. The most noticeable would be to notch out the heavy resonance on the acoustic guitar at 196Hz and again at 220Hz. A little more warmth and fullness could be achieved with a wider boost centred around 90-100Hz. Finally a wide and fairly large boost in the high mids and highs centred around 7-8kHz would add some brightness and presence to the overall sound.

Gyats0 are working on another full length album, hopefully due for release in 2023. We’re excited to see how this artist progresses and look forward to hearing more.