hallbeck – dagarna med dig

Today in our ears, we’ve been listening to Swedish artist, Hallbeck, and if anything proves that music is a universal language, Dagarna Med Dig has opened our ears to thoroughly enjoying music with lyrics in Swedish. This may well have been a first for us!

We’re not entirely sure what Hallbeck is singing about, but we’re certain that Dagarna Med Dig is a positive, almost anthemic song.

With really bright and well mixed drums, this is a truly enjoyable track with a great kind of 90s rock feel to it.
Hallbeck’s vocals come through clearly with a touch of musical theatre stylings in there, but also with some gorgeous metallic tones, a touch of raspiness and gravel all combine to make a fantastic rock vocal performance.

We love the octave instrument lines in unison and we were especially impressed with the use of tambourine to differentiate sections. The song manages to have some wonderful rise and fall in it, with a glorious gentle section with only hi-hat as percussion that builds back in to the full song.

A fabulous key change helps to maintain interest for the listener, but honestly, we were already absolutely enthralled by the entire performance.

Dagarna Med Dig is wonderfully written, performed, recorded and produced. Perhaps consider a boost around 300Hz to add just a touch more warmth and fullness in that area. A cut around 1500-2000Hz to counter just a touch too much character in that area, and – to our own ears, perhaps a slight boost of the top 2 octaves. That said, these are all tiny – see what you think – type adjustments. The song is tremendous, and we loved every moment of it.

Dagarna Med Dig is a positive, anthemic and euphoric song which rises and falls and is most definitely a track which we would choose to listen to many many times again, even though our Swedish is not so strong! We can’t wait to hear more from this talented Swedish artist.

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  1. Hallbeck

    Wow thanks! 🙂
    So humbled by your kind words!
    I have thought about the high mids a bit as on some systems it can come across slightly harsh, but on others it helps the vocal cut through. I might make a remaster when it is time for the full album which is in the works.

    Thanks again!


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