Hana Piranha – Fucked Up Feeling

There’s something really raw and genuine about an artist who shares their deepest darkest innermost thoughts with their audiences. Someone who lays themselves bare for all to see. Judge them, pity them, empathise with them, there’s no getting away from an artist that makes you feel uncomfortable. Good art makes you think. Good art takes you outside of your comfort zone and whether you like it or not, at the end, you have been challenged and seen the world from a new perspective.

This is what you get with the latest single from Hana Piranha. We just watched the premiere of her new single, Fucked Up Feeling, on YouTube. I feel disturbed. But I also feel heard.

This is not for the faint hearted. “Fucked Up Feeling” is a kind of sinister EMO hard rock that shouts from the rooftops about addiction, dark impulses and that disturbing turbulence that accompanies a lifetime of upheaval.

I’m finding myself really drawn towards Hana Piranha. A brave soul who has thrown open her life so freely. With a chorus that will resonate so strongly with many, ourselves included, Fucked Up Feeling just smacks of desperation. The repeated line “I just want that fucked up feeling” hurts. I just want to tell her its all going to be OK!!!

The accompanying video is also not for the faint hearted. This is true art. That kind of can’t-look-away feeling you get when you’re watching a horror movie. Hana Piranha has really nailed it. Well behaved women don’t make history. Hana is someone whose music will stay hauntingly with me for quite some time. I might also point out that we watched a few other videos of Hana who is an extremely accomplished violinist.

Photo credit; Scott Chalmers

Normally, I speak a great deal more about the production, the instrumentation, etc, but this is a song whose lyrics are more important than anything else. The angst in the lyrics are what makes this song and little else matters.
If I were to critique the production, I’d suggest a boost in the 100-200Hz range to give more punch to the bass. Also a wide cut in the mids to remove a few slightly “tinny” frequencies, as well as a big boost in the top 2 octaves for some overall brightness, especially in the drums.

I’m still singing the chorus as I finish writing. I’m still shuddering about the video, and I’m still so proud of Hana for speaking her mind about such a widely unspoken about issue. But for now… I think I need to go and look at some pictures of kittens and calm down!