Hello Amnesia – Suzy Blue

Hello Amnesia’s latest single, Suzy Blue, is our track of the day! This is a quite fantastic track that ticked every single box for us.

Beautiful stereo guitars start the song and within seconds the Send Me Your Ears gang were nodding our heads in approval. This is a really strong quality rock song.
There’s some great use of distorted keys in this track, both to bolster up the overall sound, but also a superbly played solo.
We like the dual guitar sounds – well panned and really interesting to listen to. The stops in the song are very effective and keep the whole thing progressing forward, and astounding the listener.

This is a very kick driven song with some excellent choices of riffs, and well recorded drums. There are some utterly awesome bass riffs in this song. Hear that sound? That’s our jaws hitting the floor!! And as if the band knew we were craving a little more of that bass, all of a sudden there’s a bass solo! Stay with us – this is NOT your run of the mill “we’d better give the bassist a solo or he’ll sulk!” – this is absolutely fantastic playing and perfect for the song.

There’s a great run down at the end of the keys solo which leads into a vocal acapella section. Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor again at the vocal dexterity in the acapella section. The bend on the word “floor” at 2m26 seconds is – well we’re not sure if we can find the words, but Freddie Mercury would have been proud of a bend like that!
There’s moments in the vocalist where we can hear Glenn Hughes or David Coverdale (back in their heydey) and that should be compliment enough to any rock vocalist.

A lovely guitar solo – again expertly played and well chosen notes into a section that just gets faster and faster and more and more chaotic but damn it works! We love it.

A well produced, written, recorded and performed song. We suggest a dip around 600-700Hz to counter just a touch of honkiness on the vocal track, a boost around 250Hz for some extra fullness and warmth in the low end, a boost around 2-3kHz for some more definition and edge – especially in the vocals and finally a high shelf in the top octave for some more overall brightness and to bring out the superb drumming even more.

We absolutely love this track. Easily our favourite today. We’ll be keeping an eye out for this fantastic London (UK) based band. Go see them in concert if you can – we can only imagine how awesome they are live!

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