YES! Hello Amnesia have reached the top of our reviews pile again!! Send Me Your Ears favourites Hello Amnesia have made a lasting impression on us. Their latest single, UTYLGO, comes out today and man, these guys have pulled it out of the hat once again!

Hello Amnesia are hailed as the ‘United Nations of Rock’, with members from Portugal, Wales, New Zealand, Italy, Turkey and the North of England. With a diversity like this, you kind of expect an exciting blend of styles and genres and Hello Amnesia do not disappoint.

When UTYLGO starts, we were reminded just a touch of Rush’s Tom Sawyer. Once again, as we’ve done with every single Hello Amnesia track, we all shouted “YEAH!” in unison!! We’re all rock fans and this band are hitting the spot every time.

We love the funky riff that the guitar and bass follow together. This reminded us a little of Royal Blood or Rage Against The Machine. The hammond is a great touch and gives the whole song a slightly 70s feel.

The drums are really punchy in this powerful rocking track. Every musician in this band has brought their A game for all of the music we’ve heard from them and judging by their social media, Hello Amnesia are starting to play the kinds of shows that they truly deserve.

Vocally reminding us in places of Glenn Hughes (in his heyday) and musically throughout we were reminded us of one of our favourites – Deep Purple. We especially noticed the Deep Purple – perhaps a touch of Peter Frampton – in the slightly acid jazz/psychedelic breakdown section.

After the breakdown, we were treated to an absolutely world class and outstanding guitar solo. Is there anything this band can’t do?

We have just one question… what does UTYLGO stand for?!!

As usual with this artist, (have you noticed they’re one of our favourites!) there is very little we can say that would improve the quality of the mix. To our ears, a boost in the top two octaves would add to the brightness and life in the track. Well done guys!!

World class musicianship and songwriting from a band that deserve to be heard. We’re off to ‘Spotify” Hello Amnesia over lunch… we suggest you do too.