Hello Amnesia – What?! (Radio Edit)

We’ve been waiting for a couple of weeks for Hello Amnesia’s latest single to make it to the top of our review pile! Today is that day!!! Woohoo!

Hello Amnesia are back with their latest single, What?! (Radio Edit). Out today (April 14 2022), Hello Amnesia have become a very firm favourite here at the Send Me Your Ears studio. If you haven’t heard of them before, please, for the love of god, just take 3 minutes and 51 seconds out of your day for the ride of a lifetime. You will not regret it.
What?! (Radio Edit) starts gently on piano and vocals. The versatility of Hello Amnesia’s vocalist still continues to astound us. Surely he is classically trained? Sure he’s studied vocals in great depth? If this is just raw untrained talent we are lost for words. If this is a trained vocalist then he is absolutely at the top of his game. There are some Glenn Hughes moments of belt in his voice (especially of note is the belted scream at around 3 minutes and 15 seconds. But just when you think you’ve got a handle of what this guy can do, he treats you to a spectacular moment of gentle falsetto (on the word “free” a little later in the song). All of us have visible goosebumps. Visible.

What?! has some of the best examples of rise and fall that we’ve heard in recent months. There’s dramatic builds throughout the song that drop back to nothing before taking you back up the rollercoaster again until by the end you’re just exhausted but smiling.

The chorus is catchy and easily singalong if you so desire, and the extra backing vocals on the word “WHAT” give it even more power.

The style of this particular Hello Amnesia song reminded us more than a little of Jesus Christ Superstar. The drama and the quality of musicianship and vocals is evident. If Hello Amnesia were to announce that they were releasing a rock opera album we’d not be surprised, and we’d be first in line for a copy.

This level of raw talent is rare. The writing and musicianship, the scoring, the well considered lyrics. Hello Amnesia have it all. What they don’t have, is the social media fanbase that they deserve. Creating great music is one thing – they have that perfected. Now they need to work on the part of the job that every musician hates – promotion! We’d hate to see this quality band not reach the level they deserve.

Our thoughts on the production are the same as the previous track we reviewed. Perhaps they were mixed and mastered at the same time. A little honkiness in the vocal track to be dipped out, a boost in the low end for some warmth, a boost around 2-3kHz for some more definiton and a high shelf in the top end for some extra brightness.

Bands like Hello Amnesia make our day. They are an unsurpassable depth of talent who tick every single box for us. We can’t wait to hear more.