Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Australian band, Higgs Field. Us Forever is released today, 24 February 2023, and for fans of 90s grunge and rock, we urge you to take a listen.

We always love songs with unique themes and this was one of the things that captivated us about Us Forever: a love song, but from a serial killer’s perspective! Based on a true story, Us Forever starts out like a romance novel and quickly turns into a Stephan King epic, going deep into the psyche of a killer, seeking connection in the most psychotic way. It’s not often you find a unique take on a love song, so this was an added bonus for us.

Us Forever starts with some beautiful dreamy picked guitar which is then joined by strummed acoustic guitar, bass, drums and vocals. The acoustic guitar gives the track a little extra percussive rhythm which works superbly.

When the vocals come in, they are perfect for this genre. With a strong leaning towards grunge style, the voice reminded us of Alice in Chains or Terrorvision – both bands that we’re huge fans of. We were impressed later in the song, where the lead vocals take on a few perfectly executed screamo notes.

The drum patterns in the song keep you on your toes and are interesting throughout, with some high-quality and inventive fills. We love the use of stops in this track – particularly leading to a heavier section with some awesome chugging stereo guitars. The rise and fall in this track present a truly dynamic soundscape that captured our attention for several listens.

A guitar solo soars over the chugged guitars and displays an astonishing level of musicianship. With fast, intricate, Steve Vai-like precision, this solo is expertly executed and finishes with a Richie Sambora feel flourish.

Everything about this track screams pure quality. The writing, the execution, the obvious musicianship of every member of the band and the high-quality production all lead us to believe this is a band we will be hearing a great deal more of.

We are blown away by Higgs Field’s latest single, Us Forever. A stunning display of musicianship. We strongly urge you to stop whatever you’re doing and take a listen now.