holly wild – thrill of it

Today, we’ve been listening to Australian Singer-songwriter/pop-synth artist, Holly Wild, with her track, Thrill of It, taken from her forthcoming EP.

Thrill Of It is a song which feels like it was written as a simple, almost folk, song which has then been transformed into a luxurious synth pop track that drips with quality and excitement.

Starting with vocals, piano and some gorgeously dreamy swirling reverbs, Thrill of It grabs you from the start.
The reverbs on the vocals make them feel a little distant, but that doesn’t affect the clarity and the interest that they have. Wild’s voice reminded us in places of Avril Lavigne, particularly her much more gentle tracks (such as I’m With You). There’s a real confidence and sass to Wild’s vocals and we found them to be most appealing and charming.

Thrill of It is about having chemistry with someone you shouldn’t have chemistry with. It’s about the electric feelings that make you unable to stay away, even when you know you should. Thrill of It is almost basking in the feelings of torture that you might put yourself through, imagining being with that person, even if you know it’s impossible. A kind of emotional pleasure and pain dilemma.

There’s some gorgeous stereo effects in the track and Thrill Of It develops well, with lots of different sections to keep interest easily throughout the song.

A beautifully present kick drum is used sparingly throughout and adds to the emotional performance of the track. The whole song has a wonderfully rich and full feeling to it. Aided by lots of big effects that make it feel huge without being overly fussy. The minimal instrumentation works well. This is a powerful track.

Thrill Of It is a well mixed and mastered track. To our ears we might suggest a big narrow boost around 140Hz to thicken out the bassline and add some extra clarity into at. A boost around 5-6kHz will give some extra presence and definition to the overall track too, but these are both tiny adjustments and the song stands up well.

We’re excited by Holly Wild. She clearly has a great deal of drive and ambition, and just the right kind of inspiring lyrics and attitude to really achieve greatness. We can’t wait to hear what she does next!