When someone with the band name “Hot Lime Canary” asks for a review, we just had to say yes! What a cool name!

Hot Lime Canary say that they’re releasing music every two weeks but I’ve struggled to find out a great deal more about them. Nonetheless, their latest single, Make me Dance is a fun 90s Brit Pop sounding track with confident guitar riffs and plenty of attitude.
I was reminded at the start of REM but as the track went on, it felt a little more Supergrass style.

This is a catchy 2 1/2 minute blast of positivity. It has a lovely low end and the drums and bass mesh together particularly well.
The drums have been particularly well recorded and carry the track throughout.

Despite being on 2 1/2 minutes long, there’s plenty happening in this track; the rise and fall, the catchy chorus, it all holds together well.

Photo credits: Photo: Tatsuya Kawauchi (@tatsufilm) & Design: Alex Bramer (@thecolormgnta)

For me, the vocals feel a little lost and I struggled to hear what the lead singer was singing about. I’d suggest a boost in the high mid to bring out some clarity in the vocals.
An overall high end boost and again, high mid in the drum track would bring out the smack in the snare whilst also bringing some definition to those super-well played cymbals!

I’m excited to hear more from Hot Lime Canary and to see how they progress. I’d like to see their social media stats and information on their website and press release come more into line with the quality of musicianship.

We give this track 3 ears out of 5