HWDU – Love Crime

Swansea (Wales) based four piece, HWDU are in our ears today with their latest single, Love Crime. They describe their music as “hard hitting in your face rock, with some stoner grooves and punk sensibilities”

We agree! They’re not kidding. This is in your face alt/stoner rock. As HWDU say, think Clutch with a few beers added in.

We like the panned guitar riffs very much, they help to bring a stereo feel to the track. The guitar sections range from pretty damn funky to balls on the floor grungey rock. The low grinding driven guitar in some sections contrasts well with the almost cheeky little panned riffs.

We were particularly drawn to the verses with a slightly stripped down feel and some rather cool wooden percussion moments.

Vocally, this is kinda shouty for the most part – and that’s not an insult in any way, it fits perfectly for this genre and the occasional two vocals at the same time add to that whole chaotic feel. They did, however, make the lyrics a little hard to distinguish.

Around 4 minutes 35 to the end, there’s a pretty cool section of mainly a capela vocals that showed off some vocal skills not heard in earlier sections. It then merges into an almost dreamy psychedlic feeling ending to fade on some swirly reverby guitars.

At just over 5 minutes, its unlikely that Love Crime will receive a great deal of commercial airplay. Not that we didn’t like it, just that it isn’t within that magic “Under-4-minutes” mark that commercial stations seem to have as an unwritten rule. If nothing else, watch it for the video! Who wouldn’t love Pandas, zebras and cats driving around in an animated jumble of coolness?!

Garage rock is a genre that doesn’t pay a great deal of attention to detail in the master, so our suggestions may be just to our personal taste. We feel that the low to low mids (especially around the 200-250Hz range) could use a boost to give extra warmth and punch to the guitars. A shelf boost from around 2kHz right across the top (especially around 3kHz and 12kHz) will add some brightness into the track and help the drum track shimmer a little more.

Love Crime is a punky/garage rock song with a video about “Crime Zebras” (their words not ours). If that doesn’t pique your interest then we don’t know what will!!! Enjoy!