I am the Unicorn Head – Falsehoods

We’ve reviewed I am the Unicorn Head before, with their more-than-a-little-quirky track, BFF. Well… they’re back with a new single, Falsehoods, and we’ve been taking a listen the the guys here in our ears at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

I Am The Unicorn describe themselves as the “internet’s strangest indie band”. Their latest single, Falsehoods is a shout out to anyone who’s ever felt cheated or lied to. Be it a friend, family member or politician.

Falsehoods is a punishingly angst laden post-punk burst of energy. Falsehoods doesn’t ease its way in to your ears. From the second it starts, the relentless pace of the song carries you along for almost exactly 3 minutes of raw emotion. The drummer, we might add, sounds like he’s either having the time of his life or perhaps his is on a mission to break a stick or two. Perhaps his snare drum upset him!? We jest, of course. Falsehoods is just the kind of track you’d put on at the end of a hard day at the office to clear your head quickly before calming down and sipping some tea!

We joke around in our review here, because it’s more than clear that I Am The Unicorn Head are not a band that take themselves too seriously. We established that when they sang about wanting to ride elephants and being best friends with Satan in their previous offering to us.

All joking aside, the musicianship in this track is unmistakable. Heavy rhythmic guitars and a either very happy or slightly crazy drummer, there’s definitely some accomplished musicianship amongst this duo. Vocally, clearly influenced by the likes of David Bowie there’s a confidence in their uniqueness that is endearing.

From a production point of view, the heavily reverbed vocals make this sound like it was recorded in a live setting. We’d suggest a boost of the bottom 3 octaves (plus a high pass at 35Hz), a steady cut right across the middle from about 400Hz – 3kHz and a boost of the top to maintain a little more balance in the track. Some separation in the EQ of each instrument in the mix would help tidy the overall track, unless of course the slightly punky rough and ready feel is the intention. The snare tuning at around 215Hz is a little dominant and we’d suggest poking it out gently.

I Am The Unicorn Head are clearly having fun. A trans-Atlantic project which is more than a little quirky, but for fans of unique alt rock, this one is definitely for you.