Reading (UK) based trio, InAir, have just released their latest single, Same Skies, and for fans of anthemic and melodic metal, then this is for you. We here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have taken several listens today and we’d urge you to too.

Same Skies is an emotional and powerful song, dedicated to a late friend of the band. Its purpose is of showing empathy and compassion towards people with addictions. The band have approached this subject with compassion and a real rawness. It is clearly very dear to them and it shows in their performance. The line “guess I never did think twice what was draining all your life” shows the heartfelt regret and the grief from someone who clearly wanted to help but, as with many addicts, it just wasn’t to be. We like the idea that they are still sharing the “Same Skies”, this is a truly passionate performance.

Same Skies starts with synth and some dreamy arpeggiated guitars. When lead vocalist, Joe Conneely’s voice comes in, we’re treated to a superbly strong cockney accent. It’s as if Billy Bragg has joined Nightwish for a song! Quirky and unique but boy, does it work!

The choruses of Same Skies are powerful and rocky. The guitar becomes heavier and feels more like a metal track, with some hints of synths in the background that give it a slightly Scandinavian melodic metal feel. There are moments we were reminded of Three Days Grace as well, with powerful and punishing instrumentation and busy, exciting drums.

A beautiful Scandinavian feeling instrumental section leads into a breakdown with vocals and gentle keys that powers back intensely into a double chorus that keeps building with extra vocals and lots happening to thoroughly fill out the sound and keep the listener completely invested. The song ends of a long guitar note that fades out slowly.

From a production perspective, our readers will know how rare it is that we have no improvements to make in a track. Same Skies is a dramatic track with well balanced frequencies with each track being given plenty of its own space to shine. Superb stuff.

For fans of Nightwish, Three Days Grace or Papa Roach, this edgy and anthemic rock song ticks all the boxes. Well written, well performed, well produced and passionate, this track is an absolute winner!