Intercontinen7al – Puerto Aisen

Reading the biography of this collective, I was instantly drawn in to the idea that it was recorded on 7 continents. What a great feat of technology and cooperation!

I’m very taken, too, that at a time when the world is struggling, this artist is giving the proceeds of their music to support the International Justice Mission. Good for you guys.

The song starts strongly. Nicely panned and some quality Spanish guitar playing, giving the track a kind of Latin/Flamenco feel.

Puerto Aisen is a beautiful region of Chile and, if this is where the inspiration for this song is developed from, then I can totally understand.

There is a beautiful swell in dynamics at around the 1m30 mark which is delightfully creative, however, it does mean that the vocals get lost and, as instruments are added to the mix, the track begins to lack clarity.

It feels almost as though, with so many musicians involved, recording in so many different places there hasn’t quite been one person taking final mix decisions.

That said, there are clearly some quality instrumentalists involved in this project and I salute you for rising to this spectacular challenge.