ISLE7 – Beeline

Isle 7 are Scott Severance – Lead Vocals, Guitar Jared Curtis – Lead Guitar, Vocals John Ball – Bass Mike Scoma- Drums. Together they make a great noise and are clearly living their best lives. We’ve just been given the opportunity to review their single, Beeline, here at Send Me Your Ears.

For fans of Outlaw Country, Americana with a bit of attitude and old style Lynyrd Skynyrd with a modern twist, we think you’ll love this track.

Nicely panned acoustic guitars start this song, lovely reverbs. I’m quite taken with Scott’s lead vocal style. I was very much reminded of early Lynyrd Skynrd in his vocal style. There’s a great country twang and some metallic (the timbre, not the genre) tones to the vocals to give it some edge.
There’s some great rise and fall in the track and it develops well. The full band are involved by the time you get to the first chorus and I can only imagine how much fun these guys have on stage together. I bet they’re great live.

Country songs are always written very much from the heart and Beeline is no exception. And of course, there is the obligatory mention of a truck in there “She helped me trade in tonka toys for pickup trucks”. This is great modern country without the autotune that seems to have crept in to this genre.

From my own production standpoint, the song feels almost a little like it was produced in a hurry. The pick on the strummed guitar is a little dominant and could have been fixed by adjusting the mic placement. The bass is a little dominant at about 100hz and dropping just a touch in this frequency will help balance out the track more cleanly.
I personally would also notch out the overall master a touch around 700-800. It feels a little like there are too many competing frequencies in the fuller sections of the song which make it just a little dominant in the honk-harsh frequencies.
Fans of Outlaw Country will no doubt fall in love with Beeline. It feels safe and comfortable. Predictable enough to be classed as country, but edgy enough to make it just that cut above the norm.

We give this track 3 ears out of 5