Spookane (US) based band, I’ve Tried Sleeping, have just released their latest single, Out Here On Our Own, and we’ve had the pleasure of taking several listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Out Here On Our Own is the fourth single to be released from the forthcoming self-titled debut album. Due for release on the 13th of November 2022.

In the words of Charlie Edwards (Lead vocals and guitar) “I wrote this for my daughter — remembering the terror and exhilaration of being a young adult – living in a small apartment in a strange city, trying to make connections while figuring out who I was.”

Out Here On Our Own grabs you straight away. A quick drum hit and you’re into the full band sound immediately. A very funky 80s/90s feeling indie rock track hits you with a truly catchy electric guitar riff that repeats off and on throughout the entire song and had us all nodding our heads every time it returned.

Vocally, we were reminded of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Cochrane and Mike Scott (Waterboys). There’s a great range of techniques in Charlie Edwards voice and he manages to plough some real emotion into every single line.

Out Here On Our Own makes good use of tambourine in various places for emphasis and there’s some superb and subtle use of hammond organ throughout the track which fills out the sound wonderfully. There’s something to listen to throughout the spectrum and throughout the track. We listened several times to this radio ready and radio friendly length track.

From a production perspective, a boost around 150Hz would fill out the low end nicely, bringing in the bass a little more and increasing the fullness of the track, as would a small but wider boost centred across the mids around 700Hz. A slight cut around 5kHz and a boost in the top octave would balance out the top end a little, reducing the occasional patch where this area has a little too much character. All of these ideas are just suggestions based on our ears. To be clear, the song doesn’t ‘need’ anything, it was a good listen all the way through.

This is a high quality track from what looks to be a very promising album debut. “I’ve Tried Sleeping” have produced a catchy and thoroughly enjoyable song which will stick in your head for a long time. Great stuff. We’re looking forward to hearing more.