Pittsburgh (US) band, Jack Swing, have just released their latest single, Into The Sun, and we’ve been having several listens today to this great 90s inspired track here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

Into The Sun is a song which aims to remind it’s listeners to shrug off trivial things and enjoy the life and beauty of the present. This is a theme which so many artists have really focussed on during the pandemic and to our minds, you can never get enough of this kind of uplifting attitude.

In The Sun starts powerfully and is straight in with a strong instrumental start, the motif of which is present throughout the song.

Beautifully panned and stereo electric guitars fill your ears with a rich tone and a catchy melody that you find yourself humming along to by the time it comes around again.

The whole song has a great funky rock feel to it with some moments of grunge thrown in for good measure.

The drumming on this track is interesting and well executed. Skilfully played by Alex Nelson, the drumming patterns serve to really aid in maintaining the listener right to the last beat. There are some great changes of pace throughout the track and we especially like the false ending that then merges into a great 16 beat instrumental section before returning to the intro motif. The song has a stinger ending, which we always love. There’s lots happening all the time for you to listen to.

Vocally reminding us in places of Terrorvision, or perhaps Offspring, we particularly like the effects on the vocal track – a kind of quick delay on the reverbs. This serves to make the vocal stand out clearly and feels very authentic to this kind of 90s rock styling.

Everything is well mixed and mastered, and although there is a lot happening, every instrument has been given its own space to shine.

If we were to make any production suggestions, perhaps a tiny notch out around 150Hz to counter the very slight dominance of the tuning of the snare. Maybe a boost of the top octave for a touch of extra zing and possibly a small but wide boost right across the middle, centred around 1-1.5kHz to add a little more meat and fullness in this area.

This was our first introduction to this talented Pittsburgh band. Isaiah Ross (vocals/guitar), Rowdy Kanarek (bass), Jonah Handler (guitar), Isaiah Small (keys), Alex Nelson (drums) are clearly writing and performing great music and developing a solid fanbase in their area. We think it’s time for them to spread their wings a little further and look beyond Pittsburgh and share their talents further afield. These guys have got it going on!