Jack the Owl – Calling

Netherlands artist, Jack The Owl, has a new single out, Calling, and we’ve been taking lots of listens on repeat to it here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

There’s something really intriguing about a song which sort of sounds familiar but is also most definitely an extremely original number. That’s what you have here with Calling.

Calling is a song about going after what you always wanted but were too afraid to do. This song is there to encourage people to stand up for themselves and to go after their dreams. We can get behind this sentiment, and it’s lovely to see just how many artists are realising this in their lyrics at the moment.

Calling has an alt-rock feel to the start of it, which crashes in immediately with the full band sound, leaving you in no doubt that you’re in for a fun ride. When the vocals come in, there’s a slight change of feel to the song and as Calling progresses, you realise that Jack The Owl has really got something going on here! With fascinating rise and fall throughout the whole track, Calling gripped us for every last second of its 2 minutes and 22 seconds. This really is a blast of alt-rock/Britpop euphoria that simply demands your attention. This is not background music!

At one point in the song there’s some OMD style synths happening and the layered vocals are absolutely delightful.

From a production perspective, we’d suggest just a little boost to balance around 250Hz. This will add some more warmth and fullness to the sound. We’d also suggest a wide cut centered around 2.5-3kHz where it feels slightly like the guitars are fighting the vocals for attention. Perhaps there’s just a little too much character in the guitars at this point and a wide cut will help remove just a touch of harshness in their track.

This really is a truly original song. We absolutely love it here at Send Me Your Ears. We hear so much new music and rarely do we struggle to pinpoint the artist’s influences. Jack The Owl is in a league of his own.