Jack Tierney – Buy The Ticket

Jack Tierney is a music production student from Florida who very kindly let us have a listen to his release, Buy The Ticket, which came out late last year (2021).

This is a bouncy, feel good, almost twee indie pop song. It feels as though at would sit well with other songs from the late 60s. For such a young guy, this is quite a feat and a real testament to someone who is working hard on learning their craft and its history.

Tierney cites Bob Dylan and The Beatles as influences on his music and I can see why. Buy The Ticket has a kind of poetic Dylan-esque feel to it, and maybe it was the title of the song that swayed me, but it felt a little Ticket To Ride as well.
Jack Tierney is a far superior vocalist to Dylan in my humble opinion. Dylan, to me, is a poet and songwriter rather than a vocalist. Its a shame that Tierney hasn’t used a great deal of backup vocals in this song to make it sound more like the Beatles. This kinda feels like a missed opportunity for a real homage here.

Whilst harmonies are lacking, there is some great use of doubled vocals in this song. They sit well, and are well performed. The strummed acoustic guitar is also well recorded and sits nicely in the mix.
This is a surprisingly positive and bouncy song for the subject matter. Even the repeated “I’m feeling so down” line towards the end washes over you and somehow manages to make you feel like he’s going to be ok!

The song develops well and despite having relatively little instrumentation, Jack manages to maintain interest (adding some electronic percussion in the second verse for example.)
For me, the one thing that lets this song down slightly is the electronic drums. It feels as though they have been played (or sequenced) and then Jack’s moved on to recording the next instrument. Jack, if you’re reading this, don’t forget to make the drums sound more natural; EQs, reverbs, compression, etc.

There’s something dominating in the kick drums mids sound which is bothering me. I’d give a cut around 700-900Hz (the “sounds like a basketball hitting the floor frequency!!”) and a slow attack compressor will help bring this a little more under control.

This is really great, catchy songwriting. Jack Tierney clearly has a bright future ahead of him as a songwriter, performer and producer. We’re excited to follow his career.

Photo credits: Finnegan Schad

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