Prolific Blackburn (UK) Artist, Jacob Reddy, has released yet another absolutely stunning track. “Brand New” is a positive, poppy sounding blast of enthusiasm that we were utterly thrilled to hear in our ears today at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

Jacob is becoming a firm favourite with us. At just 17 years old, he very clearly has a music career ahead of him. Jacob is charming, humble and an exceptionally talented performer and songwriter. Every time we hear a new track from him (and this is our fourth review of his music) he has made huge leaps in every aspect. Performance, production and songwriting just keep getting better and better.

Brand New is two and a half minutes of Jacob having the time of his life. The song is such a feel good track, and you can hear in his voice that he’s smiling and he just loves what he does. This is a short and punchy, commercially appealing Britpop track.

The song comes straight in with the full band sound. This feels like a track that could have been lifted from the 90s, with hints of the style of Beautiful South. That said, it also has some modern stylings – The Lumineers spring to mind with their use of non-lyric vocal sounds.

Jacob’s vocals are clear and present in the mix. You can easily hear every word. We particularly like the superb build at around 2 minutes that then leads into a vocal break down section with a chorus of voices.

The kick drum in this track is smooth and present and helps to keep the listener’s enthusiasm for the song on a par with Jacob himself.

From a production perspective, a hi-pass at around 35Hz to remove some rumble and a boost around 125Hz to add to the warmth. The kick drum sounds great and is really well balanced. To our ears there may be a few peaking frequencies in the vocal track. A cut around 400Hz and maybe another around 1kHz. Brand New is a little quiet so a light compressor / limiter and around 5dB of make up gain will bring the volume up as well as adding to the fullness of the track.
This is a punchy and bright song. It is clear that this artist is progressing wildly and we cannot wait for his next track!

Jacob Reddy is a star in the making.We urge you to add his music to your playlist.