Jacob Reddy – Kings (Reloaded)

It was just wonderful to see Jacob Reddy at the top of our reviews pile today. He’s back with a new song; Kings (Reloaded) and we’ve been taking a listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Something we love more than anything is an artist who is constantly learning. One who is willing to take constructive criticism on board and work to improve constantly. This is the mark of a true winner and Jacob Reddy ticks all of these boxes for us.
Kings (Reloaded) is apparently a song which Jacob released at the start of 2020 initially. It was a significantly longer song, with little to no production. Jacob has returned to the studio with this same song to shorten it, smarten it up, work hard on the composition and have it professionally mastered. It shows.

Kings (Reloaded) starts with some gentle picked guitar that’s been very well recorded. A kick drums comes in and helps to keep the rhythm of the song and the interest for the listener.

Jacob’s vocals are nice and biting and strong. There’s just enough gravel in them to show a little attitude and its pretty clear from the excellent enunciation that he’s either had lessons or has seriously studied vocals. Jacob’s voice is really interesting and pleasant to listen to.

There’s some very occasional backing vocals that are really gentle and well into the background. You’d miss them if you weren’t paying attention, but they’re there, bolstering up Reddy’s powerful smiling voice.

Wonderful development in this song. Just wonderful. In places it is positively anthemic and it maintains interest extremely well. Reddy has clearly put a great deal of thought into how to present this new version.

A synth comes and goes throughout to help fill out the sound and we particularly like how the instrumentation between verses and choruses changes up so well. Even the instrumentation in the second chorus is slightly different to the first. This is really inventive stuff!

We absolutely love the drum track in the second verse; mainly kick but with the occasional toms fills. Simple but effective.

There’s some superb rise and fall throughout Kings (Reloaded) and we particularly like the build at around 2 minutes 40s.

From a production stance, another very well produced and well considered song. Perhaps a drop in the vocal track at around 4-5kHz would make an improvement as well as a slight drop around the 2-2.5kHz range to counteract just a little harshness in the track. Maybe some more compression on the vocals as they’re just a little lost in the second chorus as more instrumentation is added, but overall, this really is stunning work.

Jacob Reddy has produced yet another positive and anthemic track with his latest single, Kings (Reloaded) and we’re very excited to hear more from this young, talented, eager to learn singer song writer from Blackburn, UK