JACOB REDDY – Nothing Is Impossible

Jacob Reddy is a young lad who is making some serious waves in his home county of Lancashire, UK. I love his work ethic, his grit and drive and his positive message. So when I was asked to review his latest single, Nothing Is Impossible, I jumped at the chance.

Released yesterday, Nothing is impossible is one of the most positive and empowering songs to come across my desk in recent weeks. It just oozes enthusiasm. I love it.

This is a well written, well constructed and well performed indie/folk/pop sensation. There’s a subtle drive effect on the vocals which makes every lyric crystal clear and which enhances the already impressive and characterful vocals. I love the extremely subtle harmonies which are there simply to make Jacob’s voice sound even better. You’d not notice them unless you were really listening for them.
There’s a brief section where the lyrics are suddenly fast, almost rap like. It took me by surprised and piqued my interest. This is an artist who is confident to show his versatility. I bet he’s superb in a live setting.
The driven guitar that’s added in, again subtly, about half way through helps to bring the song moving along nicely and maintain interest. This really is a superb modern take on acoustic folk. I was reminded in places of the Lumineers – but Jacob is more to my personal taste.
The stinger like ending and the positive message make this song a perfect candidate for sync. Perhaps an advert for a sports company or something similar. Something that urges the listener to just Go For It!!
Really great stuff from an artist I’d not heard of until recently, but I have no doubt that I will be hearing more.

We give this song four ears out of five