We just love Jacob Reddy! An impressive young talent from Blackburn, UK who we’ve reviewed a couple of times before. Not only is his songwriting passionate and well crafted, but he’s a guy on a mission. Last year, he toured the UK busking for a children’s hospice. This year, he’s here to throw that vivacious energy of his into a powerful and dynamic song about climate change.

Teaming up with Novustory, an alt-rock band, also from Blackburn, Reddy has come up with a sure fire hit in his latest track, The World Is Ours.

The song starts gently with a kind of folk rock feel to it. With male and female vocals taking it in turns to sing, the song fools you into thinking it might be a gentle folk-style track. Nope!

All of a sudden, the male/female vocals come together and the power of the track is unleashed! The harmonies are super-tight and you hear two quality lead vocalists who know their place when harmonising together. This is a quality and emotional performance from both singers.

After the first chorus, the song drops back to almost nothing but then rises and falls like a rollercoaster, taking you on a journey that leaves you exhausted! The breakdown section at around 2 minutes is particularly well done and we loved how the enery just built and built before exploding back with even more energy into a half time chorus.

With some very cool guitar work at the end over the repeated vocal line, The World Is Ours, leaves you in no doubt as to the strength and quality of musicianship and writing.

This is a powerful song delivering a powerful message. From a production perspective, we feel that a boost in the kick drum around (4-5kHz?) would give it a little more presence and allow it to cut through the track a little more the way the snare does. A boost around 70-80Hz overall would also help with kick drum. A boost around 250Hz would add some extra warmth and to our ears a shelf boost from around 8-9kHz would add some extra zing! Once again, the track already rocks and any tips we have given would only enhance a great song! Loved it!

At just 17 years old, Jacob Reddy has made it abundantly clear that he has everything it takes to make a real name for himself in the music business. Not just a talented musician but a positively charming human as well.