JADE EMPRESS – Golden Hours

Jade Empress has released a new track, Golden Hours, and we were fortunate enough to be asked to review it here at Send Me Your Ears.

This is a really heartwarming, well produced, radio friendly song.

Golden Hours captured us from the very first second! With a gentle fade in, to staccato strings, it leads almost immediately into Jade’s powerful and confident vocals.

As the second verse comes in, the song maintains interest by building but still very gentle instrumentation. In fact, throughout the song, the instrumentation is subtle – the voice is what carries this song.

Golden Hours develops, rises and falls well – and all in the space of that perfect 3 minute radio friendly time!

The falsetto harmonies that come in are gentle and well placed and back up Jade’s voice perfectly without taking over.

Vocally, I was reminded of Annie Lennox or perhaps Florence and the Machine. High praise indeed – these are some virtuoso performers.

Photo Credit; Rebel Visuals

This song has a swagger. A confident strut that got all of us here nodding our heads in time with the music.

There’s some superb mic technique here – when Jade sings the line “love you forever though” she’s clearly trying to grab the listeners attention. It sounds as though she’s gotten herself much closer to the mic, and perhaps there’s a slight change in the affect on her voice. Either way, it works. Really classy stuff.

Reading Jade’s biography, we like this girl! She’s quit her day job to pursue her music career. Something we always recommend an artist does when they clearly have the drive, vision and talent that Jade has. At a time when many artists are questioning whether a career in music is in their future, Jade has bitten the bullet and we wholeheartedly wish her well.

This is superb stuff with absolutely tip top production.

We genuinely have no improvements to suggest here and therefore give this track our highest honour of five ears out of five. More please!!