Jade Moede – Ooo La La Rachel’s Stuff

Sometimes we get asked to review a song that the title is so intriguing that we’re really rather excited when it reaches the top of the pile.

Jade Moede’s new single, Ooo La La Rachel’s Stuff, is one such song. Released on March 11 2022, Ooo La La Rachel’s Stuff is a song dedicated to Moede’s musical mentor. We can only imagine how proud she is of this song. There’s something very special about having a song dedicated to you (usually!!) and Moede’s friend, Rachel must be thrilled.

Ooo La La Rachel’s Stuff is an extremely quirky and really quite bizarre 3 minutes and 18 second ride. Most definitely a genre crossing song which is super-hard to pin down.
The male vocals are very reminiscent of early Rolling Stones, perhaps Bob Dylan in their almost talkiness at times. Further into the song there’s several female backing vocals which bolster up Moede’s voice nicely – particularly in the section which is just drums and vocals.

We wonder if Queen’s Bring Back That Leeroy Brown may have been an influence in the writing of this track!?

Speaking of drums …. what an exciting rhythm! The drum track really keeps you on your toes all the way through the song. You really don’t know what’s going to happen next! There’s an interesting break down in the middle with almost rhythm and blues style bassline and a spoken section and minimal drums before you’re back in with that hip wiggling drum beat again!

There’s (another!) very quirky section in the last minute or so of the track where it almost sounds as though there’s two drummers competing for your attention. A kind of stand-off. Each riff is panned 100% to either side so if you’re listening in headphones (or the car!) this may feel just a little disorientating!! However, we think it’s a nice touch and just adds to the quirkiness of the song.

We have a few points to note on production – Moede’s bio says that he’s learning production at the moment, so we hope these help, but they are, of course, just our personal opinion. We think the top 2 – 21/2 octaves could do with a boost for some more brightness in the overall track. We’d make a little cut in the EQ around 600Hz and 1200 Hz to counter just a little honkiness in the vocal track and guitar track. A wide boost centered around 150Hz will add some warmth in the low end. A narrow cut around 50-60Hz will take out a slightly boomy frequency and we’d also suggest a high pass on the bottom octave to take out just a little rumble, and to remove those low frequencies that most speaker systems can’t handle.

Ooo La La Rachel’s Stuff is a fun, quirky indie rock song from a guy who clearly has a great sense of humour and a bright future. We’re excited to hear what Jade Moede does next!!

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