What an intriguing band name! When we were asked to review JEAN CABBIE & THE SECRET ADMIRER SOCIETY’s new song, Possession, we were more than a little intrigued!

A great strong start to this song with unique changes and a comfortable 70s ballad feel.
I like the doubling effect on the vocals. It makes the vocalist sound a little like Ozzy Osbourne and it works extremely well for the song.

I’m drawn to the basslines here. Not your standard root note stuff. Enough to maintain my interest, sitting clearly in the mix.
Good development in this song as the backing harmonies come in for the chorus; well performed and taking nothing away from the lead vocal.
I’m really taken with the notes that have been chosen for the guitar solo. Really unexpected and with a lovely classic rock/Santana feel to the choice of voicing on the guitar tone too. There’s a few places I’m sensing a King Crimson influence too.

The hammond that comes in and bolsters up the overall sound is a nice touch and makes the whole song feel more authentic. Really great stereo and panning on the hammond. I can feel it bouncing around in my ears from side to side as if the player is sat just behind me. This and the tremelo effect on the guitar all add to the genuineness of the track.

From a mastering perspective, I personally would tidy up a little of the low end of the song. There’s a little too much info in the low end that most speakers can’t handle. I’d also give the overall master a boost around 70hz to bring out the kick drum a little more.
A high shelf would bring out the sheen in the drums; especially the cymbals and an overall boost across the middle frequencies would just balance the track out a little more.

I like this track a lot. It has a real 70s classic rock feel to it. The writer and performers are clearly classic rock fans who’ve picked up all the right nuances along the way and I’m looking forward to hearing more from Jean Cabbie and the Secret Admirer Society

We give this track 4 ears out of 5