Jesse Grossi – Outcast

LA based solo artist, Jesse Grossi has just released a fantastic new single; Outcast. We were fortunate enough to grab a detailed listen here at Send Me Your Ears.

This really is a fab, positive sounding Indie Rock track. It feels very authentically from California! There’s some great acoustic guitar at the start and we utterly fell in love with the fuzz bassline. How cool is that?! The bass really helps to make this song stand out as a truly original track. Grossi is in no way a copycat artist of the genre. Grossi stands head and shoulders above a great deal of artists that we’ve heard from this genre. Funnily enough, Outcast is a song about being true to yourself and thinking outside the box. Grossi is clearly someone who lives and breathes authenticity.

Outcast has some rather spectacular layered vocals and subtle harmony lines throughout the song that all feed into making this just the most catchy and upbeat song we could have wished for at the end of the day!

The guitar solo is classy, well played and extremely well structured. It has great note choices and a beautiful tone.
We’re loving the really well conceived nasal twang on Grossi’s voice. It really does fit perfectly in this kind of Green Day/ Blink 182 kind of style song. The vocals are strong, well delivered and passionate. Excellent stuff.

This is a radio friendly length , well produced track with great stereo which will likely do well on college radio, but most certainly has everything needed to do well on commercial radio too. That’s up to the radio pluggers and gatekeepers though! Our opinion is that this song has the makings of something you’d definitely hear on a rock radio station.
From a production perspective, the only thing we’d suggest considering would be a small boost at around 60Hz to make that kick drum punch through even more.

Outcast really is a superb California/Indie track that’s had us all smiling at the end of a long day. Who could ask for more out of an artist?! Great work!