Jillie – Time Of Our Lives

Jillie’s new release; “Time Of Our Lives” is a simply stunning indie pop treat for your ears.

With a remarkably powerful and stereo intro, this song just leapt out at me right from the word go. This song lets you know, all the way through, that Jillie is having the “time of her life”. I can almost hear her smiling while she’s singing and that brings a very unique quality to her vocals.

Normally I try to think about a “sounds like” from a more well known artist, but in this case, there’s no call for that. Jillie is just Jillie.
I love the exhilarating build to the chorus, and the rise and fall throughout the song maintained my interest. This is super radio-friendly stuff.

I’m really searching for things to make suggestions to improve on this track, but if I had to be picky, I felt that the vocals were just slightly lost in the chorus. Not a volume issue, but more a competing frequency from a newly added instrument perhaps. There’s also a slightly dominant low-mid frequency in the snare, but again, I’m really searching for ways to take this track from 4 1/2 out of 5 to full marks, flawless.

Jillie is most definitely one to watch. I simply love this track; it’s going on my wish list. Due out on Bandcamp on February 17, I strongly suggest you presave. You won’t be disappointed.

I give this 4 1/2 ears out of 5

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