Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Leeds (UK) artist, Joe Doonan. On My Mind is released on February 9th, 2023 and we’ve included a pre-save link for you here today. You won’t want to miss this!

Pre save here;

On My Mind is inspired by a true story between a family member and a late childhood friend. It is told from the point of view of someone speaking to a long-lost friend that they were once close to. However, life got in the way and they became distant. Upon learning of the sudden and unexpected death of their childhood friend, the song tells a story of longing to know if they managed to fulfil their childhood dreams before their life was cut short, as well as detailing the emotional impact this has had on them.

On My Mind starts with some filtered drums, making the full spectrum sound much more exciting and dynamic when it comes in. The acoustic guitar here is bright and present and sits beautifully in the mix.

Joe’s vocals have a timeless quality to them. There’s a lovely hint of gravel and a slight nod to Bryan Adams, perhaps. When the harmonies and layered additional vocals come in for the chorus we were also reminded very much of Scotland’s great band, Runrig.

The song develops delightfully, with some deep thunderous bass notes vying for attention, the stereo backing vocals fill your ears and the song becomes positively anthemic. It almost has a touch of Disney Movie with its soaring vocal harmonies. The positive vibe during the chorus is contagious and despite the mournful subject matter, this is a song that takes you on a true journey of emotions.

The chorus is catchy and explosive and we love Doonan’s ability to take the song from gentle to huge with a seemingly effortless shift.

We love the double chorus near the end with some exciting use of additional percussion and the whole song comes to a close with just piano and voice, leaving you hanging and wanting more – metaphorically like the person who lost their childhood friend.

Ideas from our ears

A cut around 60Hz and a boost around 125Hz would balance out the low end nicely, reducing some excess ‘boom’ and adding some extra warmth. A wide boost centred around 5-6kHz would increase the presence and clarity in the track too. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Joe Doonan’s, On My Mind, is a simply stunning creation. Lyrically heartfelt and moving, with instrumentation to take the listener on a rollercoaster of emotions, yet still leaving you wanting more. This is superb stuff. Highly recommended. Please pre-order this track now. You will not regret it.