Joe Kann – Something Beautiful, Something Good

Joe Kann has just released his latest single, Something Beautiful, Something Good, and we’ve been taking a listen here at the studio of Send Me Your Ears.

This is the first time we’ve been introduced to the music of Joe Kann and already we’re looking forward to hearing more. This is pure, simple quality music that recalls good ol’ days and times with family.
Kann’s message is one of a simple family life. Something Beautiful, Something Good is a song from the heart. As a father of three, his lyrical themes are bound to centre around parenthood and the song we’ve heard today is no exception. We particularly fell in love with the lyric “just give me a rope swing in our back yard”. It paints such a great picture in so few words. Kann’s songwriting is the work of someone who lives through his children and has a message of love and positive parenting to share with the world.
The story-telling style of this song set me in mind of the great John Prine. I can imagine this being the kind of song that will be covered around many campfires across North America!.
Something Beautiful, Something Good starts with some gorgeous gentle drumming (brushes we think) together with some subtle piano and guitar.
Kann has a smooth, clean and clear country voice with some fantastic use of twang technique. His soulful voice just soars over the gentle backing and lifts you away to a summer’s day in the yard.

Something Beautiful, Something Good has a super catchy chorus that we’re pretty sure we’ll be humming for days to come.
Our own personal thoughts on production would be a bottom 2 octaves boost for more a little more warmth in the overall track and to bring out the kick drum a little more. A cut in the low mids to avoid any risk of mud in the vocals and a boost around 2kHz for more presence and definition. A shelf at the very top end would give a bit more air and help to bring out the lovely brushed snare work.
This really is a stunning piece of quality Americana/ Singer-Songwriter music. It is radio friendly with great production and a good length. We feel that this is something Kann should be sending out to college radio and country/folk radio across the US. We wish nothing but the best for Joe Kann and his musical journey.