We reviewed Joe Wilkinson’s, Water To Wine, back in April 2022 and we’re thrilled to hear he’s back with a new single, Let Me Know, that we’ve been given the opportunity to listen to here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Let Me Know is a funky blues style track that easily maintains interest. Whilst we love blues music, we do tend to switch off at it’s repetitiveness and predictability at times. Not so with Let Me Know.

From his press release; “Let Me Know ́ was written out of frustration. Joe had recently parted company with an associate in the music industry and was left feeling cut adrift, as many young artists do. There’s a sea of people pursuing their dreams, and despite our numbers, it can be a surprisingly lonely place. This single is about not only learning to exist in that place, but how to thrive within it.”

The song starts with a quick drum fill and then you’re straight in with the full band and everything you need to know about the song is right there in an instant. With some really subtle and clever use of delays, this is a song that truly fills your ears.

Dual vocals almost throughout are a nice touch, and the song has lots of different sections, broken up well by some really clever stops, and some great drum fills.

The repeated riff on the electric guitar is performed expertly and with some real class. There are moments in the guitar stylings that reminded us of Mark Knoplfler’s style of playing – which should be high praise for any guitarist!

The kick drum is super clear and nicely clicky and sits well in the mix and the chorus is really catchy, each time bringing you back into that hook, before taking you off in a different direction again.

The stereo in the guitar tracks is fantastic, and this track shows quite the step up in the production from the previous one (which we already loved).

From a production perspective, there is a lot of information in the sub bass area so a hi pass at ~35Hz and a small shelf cut at ~55Hz would bring this under control. The stereo in this track has been arranged beautifully with excellent use of delay effects. It is clear and well produced.

Let Me Know is a beautiful and haunting track that pulls at the heart strings and astounds you with some real quality blues guitar. Another great track.