JOHNNY & THE BREWSERS – Tell Us / Dark Red Dice

JOHNNY & THE BREWSERS have released a new EP. We took a listen to the songs Tell Us and Dark Red Dice.

From what we can understand, this is a one man band project with a full band sound. We’re talking drums, bass, guitars and vocals all tracked together in Johnny’s home studio and then mixed and mastered by his brother.

This is heavy heavy blues rock. Almost bordering on hard rock – some might call it stoner rock. The style put me in mind, to a certain extent of Danzig.
Johnny is clearly a passionate musician. His biography speaks of live shows across Europe and the US and I can imagine that he is quite entertaining live. With that typical deep gruff bluesy voice, perhaps to be likened to the likes of Scottish Bluesman Dave Arcari, Johnny’s attitude is sure to carry him. This seems to me to be the kind of style of music that would work well on the US bar circuit.
Gritty vocals and grinding guitars make up the bulk of the meat of Johnny and the Brewsers music. Although I must point to the lovely sidestick work on Tell Us. A nice touch.

Johnny is returning to college as a (in his words) “extra mature student” to study music production. I applaud anyone willing to learn anything at all as a mature student and Johnny is no exception. Kudos!

Overlooking a few timing issues, the production in my opinion is letting this track down. Perhaps Johnny can revisit this after a few terms at college?
This is quite a muddy mix. The guitars and vocals are very muted/muffled sounding and with no top end which leaves no sibilance in the track except the high hats. There’s also very little low end which means that the kick drum isn’t punching you in the chest as it should in this style of music. It feels as though everything is sat firmly in the middle of the EQ range and it makes for a messy mix.
This of course, is purely our opinion at Send Me Your Ears and we’re certain that Johnny’s skills will progress and develop with time. If you’re reading this, Johnny, take a look at Danzig’s “Mother” for some production ideas.

We give this EP three ears out of five