JONAS BRøG – I Believe In You

JONAS BRøG is a singer-songwriter who now calls the Netherlands home. He’s just released a new track, I Believe in You and we were fortunate enough to grab a listen.
I Believe in You is a bouncy, upbeat sun-drenched Hawaiian beach sounding full band singer-songwriter track that sends a positive message that we all need to hear right now.

The lead vocals are clear and present and right in your face. You can’t escape them. It feels like the singer is trying every trick in the book, so earnestly, to let you know that he really does believe in you.

This track grabs your attention right from the get go. I particularly liked the bouncy, almost skipping feel of the rhythm.

The keys are well placed and add to the overall message of hope. Incidental guitar riffs come and go and are both well played and well chosen.

The backing vocals in the breakdown are fantastic and this section, together with the fade out ending made me think of a 1920s close harmony style. Kind of Andrews Sisters style. I enjoyed the lengthy (almost 30 second) jazzy fade out.

I’m distracted by the production on this track. Everything is really pressed up against the limiter and it feels like every instrument is fighting to be centre stage. The song is what I would imagine would be the result of Jack Johnson being produced by someone with an EDM background.
Perhaps that was the intention? It certainly makes it very current sounding and radio friendly but for me, it just took out a little of the emotional feel of the song.

This is a fairly new solo project for Jonas and it’s a promising start. We look forward to getting the chance to hear more.

We give this track 3 ears out of 5