Jonathan Lobo – Start Again

It’s not often that I review a track and decide almost instantly is going to be a five star review, but in the case of Jonathan Lobo, “Start Again” it was a simple decision.

This is world class and I simply cannot believe that he’s just starting out and just gaining the confidence to get his music out there.

Start Again is a really positive feeling song. I loved the heartbeat feel of the kickdrum. It makes you think about living life to the full.

The stereo on the guitar track is classy and the vocals are clear and present with just the right amount of reverb. The backing vocals are simply stunning but subtle and merely served the purpose of making the lead vocal sound more spectacular.

There is great development throughout this song. The addition of various instruments and rhythms maintained my interest throughout. I especially liked the double time feel at around 2m30s.

I’m a sucker for an interesting chord progression and Start Again managed to earn points there too.

Personally, I’m also a huge advocate for cello in anything and I think I hear it later in the song, along with some masterful piano.

As a producer myself, I am almost impossible to please and if you look through any of my other reviews, you’ll find production suggestions for pretty much all of them. Not here. Johnathan, hold on to your producer, they’re gold dust! Superb work.

I am still bewildered by the idea that this is a new recording artist. There is such maturity in everything about this work that it doesn’t feel like a first foray. Johnathan deserves a significantly wider audience than he currently has and I urge anyone to take four minutes out of their day for this lesson in audio bliss.

I give this track the highest award of 5 ears out of 5 and I simply cannot wait to hear more from this artist.