Jone Lindman & Andreas Grannes – Letters

Norwegian duo, Jone Lindman & Andreas Grannes have just released their latest single, Letters. A heartfelt song about a lost friendship that you can’t let go, even though you know that perhaps you should.
This is an acoustic guitar led track with the two vocalists sharing the lead. The vocals at times are layered and add some great depth when they are.

Strummed guitar dominates this folk/rock song. At just shy of 3 minutes, Letters hits you hard right from the word go. There are occasional moments through the song when the drums stop and you’re just hearing a strummed acoustic, a la Mumford and Sons, but for the most part it is the acoustic that takes centre stage. With the strummed guitar pretty high in the mix, it’s hard not to be taken in and swept along. This feels like a song to dance to on a Friday night in a bar in Norway!

There’s an energy between Lindman and Grannes that makes us think that the two guys are great friends. We can all imagine that this song would sit perfectly in a live situation. In a studio situation, we feel that it would help the song maintain interest if some variation in instrumentation were to come in. For the most part, the song is a vocal, acoustic, minimal bass and kick and snare. Occasionally doubled vocals and occasional a nice little electric guitar riff with a couple of effects happening. We’d suggest that to help the song develop a little more, perhaps adding strings in the second verse or changing up the strumming pattern might just make some improvements.

The chord sequence for Letters is comfortable and feels familiar. Listeners and lovers of folk rock and Americana will settle easily into listening to this track.

We must point out to our readers that all money for this track earned in the first year will be given to “Redd Barna” where they help children in the Ukraine. Please give generously if you can. We also note that Andreas is a music curator too. We wholeheartedly approve of musicians helping other musicians so kudos to these guys! They seem to be on a very positive and wholesome path.

For future recordings, we’d suggest just notching out the acoustic guitar slightly at 196Hz. There’s a slightly dominating frequency in the G string that distracted us slightly.

There’s something really positive about Letters. It feels like a really empowering “go get your life sorted out” kind of song and that’s just what the world needs right now.